The Artist Registry is a compilation of our member artists and their work.


Curators, gallerists, artists, designers and those interested in discovering more about the talent that makes up the Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association are invited to use this resource. We encourage you to seek out and develop a familiarity with our artists' work. 

Here you will find just about everything you need to assist you in that endeavor. For your convenience, curiosity and enjoyment each artist page is equipped with an individual portfolio, cv/statement and member photo. Please explore. 


Click on a name below to be redirected to an individual artist's page. 

Interested in contacting one of our artists? Click the Contact button (found on each member page) to email the artist. 

Yellow Hover Highlight  - Current Member. 
Blue Hover Highlight     - Past Member.

Pink Hover Highlight     - Deceased Member.

Red Hover Highlight     - Board Members

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