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When I was a young child my earliest exposure to art was working at my parents’ ladies-ready-to-wear store in a small Texas town. Being surrounded by hats, shoes, clothing, fabric, colors, and shapes led me to explore art in adulthood as well as earn a degree in Family Consumer Education. I spent 28 years as an educator in middle and high schools in San Antonio and Oregon.


Creative Stitchers, now Fiber Artists of San Antonio, was founded by eleven women in 1992. I was one of the eleven.  In 2023, the 50th anniversary of this organization was celebrated.


The art quilts of the past used bright colors, lines, shapes and textures. In abstract or mixed media acrylic paintings, you can see all of these elements that are being used today in the artists’ work. I’m inspired by commonplace occurrences like cracks in the sidewalk, exposed rocks, or even shapes that suddenly appear in front of me. In order to create art, I work feverishly with what influences me.

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