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Always looking for creative outlets, Robin Gara has made art in various media throughout her life. Growing up in rural Ohio, Gara spent many hours outdoors where she felt a profound connection with the natural world and its infinite nuances of color and visual texture. This knowledge is expressed in the mood and drama of her work.


Gara graduated with a Bachelor of General Studies from Ohio University, a Bachelor of Science in Education from The Ohio State University, and a Masters of Education from UTSA.  She had a life changing experience when studying art history for a semester in Florence, Italy, which inspired her to travel and paint outdoors, en plein air. 


Now retired from teaching both art and English, she feels a daily current of creative energy that she is utilizing to paint abstract landscapes and other non-objective images with acrylics. Gara’s colorful paintings employ an intuitive process that involves adding and subtracting paint until the artwork emerges as a whole, much greater than the sum of its parts.


Gara’s work has been exhibited at Centro Cultural Atzlan, Mockingbird Handprints, The Bihl Haus, The Ecumenical Center, LiftOff, Our Lady of the Lake University, Southwest School of Art, and Four Kings Café.

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