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Nancy Wood is a classically trained artist currently using photography and digital painting to celebrate the aesthetics of the natural landscape. The colors are intensified, and the forms are abstracted to express the mystical qualities one experiences while absorbed in the beauty of nature. These works are based on Nancy’s photographs of the scenic areas around San Antonio. They can be printed or projected at various sizes and on various substrates including canvas, aluminum, wood, mylar, backlit transparencies and slate. 

Works from this current series have been included in more than fifty regional and national exhibitions and have received many awards. They are included in several hospitals, health centers and corporate environments.  Nancy was one of ten local artists to be included in the San Antonio Department of Cultural and Creative Development’s 2016 Public Artist Mentorship Program and was a featured artist at San Antonio’s Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festivals in 2017 and 2018.  She won the 2017 Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities' artist award and her work was featured on posters distributed to 2500 state agencies. 

Nancy grew up in Texas and attended the University of California, Los Angeles on a National Merit Scholarship where she received her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Fine Arts. She later received a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with concentration in Educational Technology from Texas A & M University, College Station. Nancy and her husband made San Antonio their permanent home in 1999.

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