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My current focus as an artist is to create artwork that tells a story… drawing the viewer in to be a part of that story. Using my background in fashion design, I weave a tapestry of layers, colors, shapes, and objects to create symbolism with a nuance of the places and the feelings that it invokes. I create art that is both familiar and intriguing, in which the viewer will recognize their own stories and want to linger in that space! Working primarily in watercolor and acrylic, I often incorporate collage, handmade paper, textiles, encaustic, handmade clay objects, found and natural objects that are layered into my art to create a stylistic language. My artwork can be found in businesses, hospitals, hospices, non-profits, private collections, museums & gift shops. As a graphic designer I started Mustard Seed Designs over 30 years ago. My husband, Edwin and I design cards that are sold throughout the area. I conduct workshops in painting, collage, and mixed media. A portion of the proceeds from sales goes to ABODE Contemplative Care for the Dying, a nonprofit that my husband and I founded to provide a home at no cost for those in need at end of life: 

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