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Beverly Blair is a San Antonio ceramist, and her work today reflects her past art forms such as metal art and painting. She began her art career as an artist blacksmith in the early 1990s and showcased her works in The Anvils’s Ring and The Fabricator, national magazines, displaying hand forged metal art. Her works were displayed at the Asheville Art Museum, Ohio Craft Museum, and the Contemporary Artifacts Gallery in Kentucky. Beverly began painting, perfecting her watercolor, acrylic and oil painting skills developed from classes at the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts and the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio.

Inspired by these earlier art elements, Beverly combined texture, color and shape to her different styles of ceramics. With instruction from nationally known ceramist instructors, she began working in thrown pottery and hand sculpted work. She enjoys combining mixed-media items to her ceramic work such as metal, wood, glass, and various items from nature. Her works range from large artistic sculptures to thrown functional pieces. Today, Beverly exhibits her ceramic art at local market shows as well as private showings.

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