•  In 2021 GAGA will be morphing to a primarily online presence.

  • Our goal is to help promote, educate and advance the diverse contributions of women artists in South Texas, through social media platforms, thematic and all-member exhibitions, as well as a subscription-based email marketing newsletter.


  • The GAGA website hosts a registry of all artist members and past members. Current members names are highlighted in gold. Current members are given a webpage containing their artwork, artist statement, contact information that includes a link to their personal website (if they have one).

  • Membership drives will be announced periodically. Presently we are working at full capacity, and no new members are being accepted.

  • Members are given a password, allowing them access to pertinent exhibition information, exhibit instructions, release forms, meeting minutes, artist calls and upcoming meetings.


  • GAGA occasionally creates exhibition opportunities for members. These occur when the opportunity arises as themed and/or all-member planned exhibitions.


  • Through exhibitions, artists are given the opportunity to make connections to galleries, art consultants and art buyers.


  •  Annual membership artist meeting occurs in January and on a need to share info basis. 

  • As a member, artists receive a 10% discount at Jerry’s Artarama, Asel Art Supply and Herweck's Art Supply.


  • All sales of artwork promoted through GAGA are handled by the artist, not the organization. GAGA does not take a percentage. However, member artists are encouraged to donate a portion of GAGA related sales back to the organization.

  • Dues are collected at the beginning for each year. Occasionally there are additional fees to help offset the cost of receptions, including professional installation, hanging hardware, reception, printed matter: cards, brochures and catalogs.

In an attempt to make the GAGA website more accessible to

those with special needs we have recently begun to seriously address how we can within our resources, technical understanding and design experience better serve you the community at large.


For personal assistance please contact membership@gagaart.org

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