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I was born and raised in the oldest Capital Damascus, Syria. Damascus’s old alleys. Syria’s historical structures are clearly illustrated with lines of poetry in Some of my paintings.

I graduated from the University of Damascus of Fine Arts, in 1998.Upon graduation I worked as an art teacher for two years, and later worked as an illustrator for a magazine.I am fascinated by the grace, strength and elegance of ballet dancers, Human body, and portraits.


Directly after my marriage in 2001 I moved over to the United States. After settling in Texas, my love for horses and wild life was born. Their majestic strength and beauty touched my heart and art. 

My paintings reflect my admiration of strength, serenity, courage and grace, 


I recently launched my debut as a professional artist through a studio tour at my residence in Boerne, officially started my own business (Abi's Art) on December 2nd 2017 Texas,following my passion and fulfilling my love for art.

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