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1985 gang (2)_edited.jpg


I view my art making as an act of faith, faith in the process, faith in my ideas, faith that I have something to say.  Inspiration surrounds me.  The books I read, the films I view, the comfort of friends, words of a poem, lyrics of a song, my trust in the innate creativity residing in my soul.  Reflecting strata of cognition, every piece has multiple layers, some visible and some known only to me.  I want viewers to look deeply into the work and appreciate the connection of their life experiences to my expression. To that end, I incorporate some version of circles, the symbol of eternal feminine. The circles may be obvious or hidden, but serve as a reminder that as humans, we participate in the cycle of the feminine essence.    I also incorporate a fish (obvious or hidden)into each of my works, because the ocean feeds my spirit.  Well really, I just love the beach.

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