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At 16 I knew I was a visual artist.  A hint of that “knowing” came after I painted my first painting at 12.  Through that painting, I was able to express and release the roiling emotions which I was not able to speak, and my mind opened to a new form of nonverbal communication.  It transformed me.  Continuing to experiment on my own and to thrive in art classes throughout high school, I went on to pursue art in college, culminating with a BFA in1977 at the University of TX, Austin.


My dream was to be an artist my entire life, to make art that would resonate with others and energize them in the same way my experience at 12 did for me. I wanted to inspire, to heal, to be heard.Life took many a turn. Yet now, at 66, I can trace ways in which I was always doing art regardless of what else I felt called to do, or had to do.


Art often communicates exactly what is needed. The language of art is spoken by hearts and souls and  is felt by hearts and souls.  We are a worldwide people, and possibilities for peace, healing, and happiness are often made possible through art.  That is why I cannot not do art.

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