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A winter's SOng   
2021 Winter On-Line Exhibition
An all-member open call exhibition 
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My Story    
GAGA's Second On-Line Exhibition
Fall 2020
Presents thirty GAGA Member's work specifically created for an exhibition at UTSA.
Each artists tells a personal life moving experience though painting.

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During This TIME   
GAGA's first On-Line Exhibition
Summer 2020
Presents GAGA Member's work created during the Covid -19 lockdown.

20/20 Seeing The Abstract Terrain    
The Carver Community Cultural Center
January 16th, 6 - 8pm, Through March 13th, 2020

Calling attention to the coincidence and, perhaps, the significance of the New Year, 20/20 is an auspicious number for visual artists. It signifies perfect vision. This is an exhibition about seeing a different way, and

celebrates some artists who dare investigate the world through creative eyes.

Sally Astleford • Lisa Mara Bell • Lesta Frank • Nancy Gerfers • Anna Gordy • Mary James • Kathrine Lamb •  Elizabeth McCown • Loretta Medellin •  Lisa Meyer • Thelma Muraida • Virginia Ridgeway • Caroline Royall •  Mary Runner •  Bibi Saidi •  Walton Selig •  Marilyn Sherer • Donna Simon • Stefani Job Spears • Paula Sussman •  Pamela Taylor •  Nancy Vandenberg • Denise Varner •  Lisa Walker • Leslie Williams

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The Exquisite Corpse REDUX 
An all-member collaborative exhibition.
The Nave Museum, Victoria TX
November 16, 2019 -  January 5th, 2020
Members blindly chose from a hat containing graduated-color paint swatches to create a site-specific, continuous array of paintings arranged into striped, gradient order.

Nave Back Room  In appreciation, work was selected for exhibition from those members
who have volunteered service, time and energy to the organization.
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A selected member invitational.
Southwest School of Art, San Antonio TX
October 12, 2019 -  November 21, 2019
Calling attention to both site-specificity (work tailor-made for a specific site) and the abstract work's theme (using place as a starting point for creative departure) the exhibition's title, Placing Abstraction, is a play on words.
Paula Sussman Abrams • Lyn Belisle • Lisa Mara Bell •  Beverly Blair •  Chel Delaney •  Robin Gara Anna Gordy •  Carole Greer •  Abeer Haddad • Elizabeth McCown •  Loretta Medellin • Norma Jean Moore •  Cindy Morawski • Thelma Muraida • Elizabeth Payne • Virginia Ridgeway • Mahalah Rood • Caroline Royall • Mary Runner • Phyllis Scrivano •  Vera Smith •  Susan Michael Sørensen Stefani Job Spears • Lisa Walker • Dona LeCrone Walston • Nancy Wood
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Honoring Women
Our Lady of The Lake University, Moye Hall
June 2 - August 30, 2019

Created by sixty-nine Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association members, the exhibition Honoring Women celebrates women through contemporary portraiture. This particular GAGA exhibit has traveled Texas, going as far as Fort Worth Cultural Community Center, and was first shown in 2016 at the Guadalupe Cultural Center in San Antonio. HW has also been exhibited at Our Lady Of the Lake University, Northwest Vista College and The Rosenberg School of Optometry, part of Incarnate Word. Portraits are found in a variety of mediums and include Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ann Richards, Mother Teresa, Emma Tenayuca, Frida Kahlo etc. A full-color catalog is available.

A Certain Sense of HEr
A selected member invitational.
Coastal Bend College, Beeville TX
March 4, 2019 -  April 12, 2019
The historic quilting bee—one of America’s earliest feminine collaborative creative efforts—is given a nod in acknowledgement of our creative forebears. Members cut old paintings into geometric shapes.  Once assembled, these recycled painted collages resembled classic quilt patterns. The works were then displayed as an ambitious group engineered site-specific sculptural installation. The resulting presentation graces our home page.
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San Antonio Art League Museum
January 13 - February 21, 2019
An all-member GAGA exhibition in collaboration with the San Antonio Art League and Museum, featuring small to medium sized work in all mediums.
catalog available.
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La entrada del Espejo/
The Mirrors entrance
The Carver Cultural Community Art Gallery
December 15, 2017 - January 13, 2018
An exhibition based on a style of painting termed Magical Realism. Exhibition featured figurative works created by Latino women from Haiti, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and San Antonio, TX.
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