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Lyn Belisle is an artist, author, graphic designer and educator who lives and works in San Antonio. As an under-graduate, she majored in art at San Antonio’s Trinity University where she studied with Philip John Evett and Bill Bristow. Her early works, shown in regional and national galleries, were large-scale origami construc-tions. She is now exploring earthen-ware, paper and collage.


Belisle is an adjunct faculty member in the computer science department at Trinity University in San Antonio. In 2013, she founded Lyn Belisle Studio, A Place of Creative Belonging, where she works as artist-in-residence and hosts cultural gatherings and workshops. She has written articles for nation-al magazines on mixed-media projects and is currently working on a book about composition and mixed media. Belisle is represented by La Vida Gallery and Nueva Street Gallery in San Antonio.

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