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Carol D.


Carol D. Koutnik has been recognized for her art since she won the Hallmark award in Chicago in 1960. Since that time she has received numerous awards and has been exhibited and included in private and corporate collections, nationally and internationally.  Her studies include the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois State University, the Art Institute of San Antonio Texas and on site education in Western European art history.


“Everything you do is a place" a friend said to me when critiquing my newest paintings.  Curiosity about my changing environment instills a fascination that I process through art. I’ve spent most of my life living, studying and painting in various locations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and traveling often to Great Britain, Mexico and Guatemala. Now, being more settled in Rockport Texas, my appetite for observing life in the world around me remains the same.  My recent series of paintings of edible plant life evolved into a one person exhibit titled "Fantastic Garden". Now I'm preparing for another one person show (in 2020)also about gardens. I'm watching and experimenting with paint on different surfaces as the weather and light change my perceptions of earthly beauty and nourishment.

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