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Ilna Colemere, a lifelong resident of San Antonio, is a self-educated abstract artist who signs her work with her unique first name ”ILNA”.  As a young child, she was encouraged to paint and participated in several art shows throughout Middle and High School. Ilna earned her degrees in Education from St. Mary’s University (B.A.) and University of Texas at San Antonio (M.A.). After completing her career as a public school educator, she was hired by the UTSA as an Instructional Technology Coordinator for the College of Education and Human Development. Ilna retired from the UTSA after 15 years and has focused her creative energies on creating abstract painting. Painting has always been her passion not her hobby. 

A quote by Emily Dickinson, "The brain has corridors", sums up the focus of Ilna's work. Ilna has a deep interest in exploring how we learn and develop concepts. The oeuvre of ILNA’s original artwork is influenced by the systems and patterns reflected in the paths of color shape and line the brain follows to create information, 

ILNA is an abstract artist shaped by Kandinsky, Pollock, Auerbach, and Klee. She works with acrylics and a variety of media. Canvas is her favored surface however; her recent work has expanded to include a variety of textured surfaces, 3 D compositions and art designed to include embellishments. 

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