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Gloria Garcia is a native Texan, living in San Antonio most of her life.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. She has traveled extensively and has documented her travels with photographs of near and far away places, landscapes and street scenes.  Her photographs are on permanent display in several offices and hospitals.

“As a self-taught painter and in the process of defining myself, working from my photographs allowed me to discover, to coax, engage and uncap my creative talents. It is exciting to start a painting with no direction but create it as it progresses. I know my imagination will take me to where I need to go. I love a bold color palette, using a variety of materials, embracing and enhancing what shows up in my own stylized manner.  This excites me and keeps my work in a constant state of change.  I am at one with my inner muse."

Garcia uses her photographs as subject matter, as a basis for inspiration and for her evolvement in the fine art of painting.


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