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I have always had a love of photography and film/video from the days when I printed photos in a darkroom and edited my film by manually splicing it together.  It was a long and tedious process but it was also magical to see the image appear or the film come together.  To me the creative process is the same although the tools have changed.  I enjoy learning the new tools but it’s the inspiration that drives me.  The content of my photos is based on what inspires me whether it’s people, landscapes, historic sites, social issues, or street scenes. 


I like to experiment with images by sometimes blending, combining or painting them.  This is what I once did in the darkroom by sandwiching negatives or painting directly on special papers.  So I am always reminded that no matter how sophisticated the equipment may get, creativity is the key.  Above all, the pure joy of taking photographs and editing them in a way that reflects my inspiration and feelings, is what motivates me.


I have provided photographs and short films for efforts related to the Women’s March, the impact of fracking in South Texas, the education of immigrant students, Somali students in in an ESL program and other education projects.  

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