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Art expands my views and understanding of the world as I explore the possibilities of creation and execution of ideas. I find that the more I learn; the more I want to learn! I cherish the freedom to intuitively express myself in the details of a likeness or character of a person in a portrait, the impressions of quietness and grandeur of nature in a landscape, to the boldness and movement of color and texture in the abstract form. I love finding the unexpected lines and shapes that provoke a sense of curiosity. The feel of my artist’s tools in my hands and the challenges of expanding my skills bring much satisfaction and joy to my life.


After retiring from a career as a Special Education teacher and raising four children I was able to delve into more serious time with my artistic endeavors.  While mostly being a self-taught painter, in the past I have taken university course work in art history and commercial art, as well as local community painting classes. Recently, I have valued my instruction and mentorship from studying with Marion Koch Fields and Roberta Buckles. As a member of the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts I relish being part of an artist community of friends where one can share ideas, inspiration, and skills. While volunteering with the Coppini Kids, teaching two summer art camps for a local church, and crafting with grandchildren I have been able to use my skills and enthusiasm to hopefully inspire our youth to appreciate art. My current work includes a diverse exploration of oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and mixed media which is inspired by the majesty of color and light in our glorious world.

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