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Sally Astleford studied painting and ceramics, from 1974-1984, at the San Antonio Art Institute, Texas. Continuing to develop her craft’s mark-making throughout the years, in 2013, she received her Certificate in Art from The South-west School of Art, San Antonio, Texas–area of concentration: painting and printmaking. She specialized in monotype– a specific method of printmaking.


Inspired by direct experiences of the magic that is unique to the coastal waters of California, Astleford’s work reflects her love of the sea, earth and life. Her bold, yet fragile, abstract water media pieces are full of whimsy and passion; her monotype prints are rich in color and texture. Using color and symbols, she imbues compositions with energy and life, transferring physical and spiritual experiences to her works.  A favorite quote is “The land-scape was in my arms as I worked,” by Helen Frankenthaler.


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