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Lisa Walker

After a long and successful career in landscape design and installation, Lisa began drawing and painting, taking classes at Southwest School of Art and workshops from well-known artists including Ellen Koment, Michelle Belto and Shawna Moore. She continues to design landscapes and consult with clients for their ranches and residences in San Antonio and in the Texas Hill Country, where she now resides.


The natural world that surrounds us, especially the sky and intricate details of plant organisms is her “home” and fascination. “Rhyming with that world is my art and my passion.” The beauty of nature’s color, line, form and pattern informs and inspires her painting. Every day outside is a better day for her! Taking many photos, she will focus on a fleeting moment in time, a snapshot, a view that won’t be seen exactly the same again. That data bank of images subconsciously emerges in her art, most often abstractly. Distilling and simplifying all the sensory input we receive is one of her traits. For her, the fluidity of oil paint and encaustic medium (molten beeswax and damar resin) feels deliciously tactile and pushes abstraction in her paintings.

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