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liliana (LEE)

Always interested in art, I started drawing in my youth and by my late 20s began oil painting as a hobby. As I progressed in my professional career, art was put on hold. In 2021 I retired and began my new journey dedicated to developing and enhancing my art skills. I joined the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts in San Antonio and have been studying under two very talented artists, Marion Kock and Roberta Buckles. Working in charcoal, oil and venturing into pastels, I am currently investigating abstract realism.


My interest covers different subject matters, but my passion lies in portraiture. I am motivated by the challenge of capturing not only the physical elements, but the personality, spirit and emotion of the individual. I wish to continue to evolve and see the world as an artist. My goals include taking my skills and creativity to the next level and for my art to spark an emotion in the viewer

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