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Dawn Marie


Currently in private studio with San Antonio artist Rainey, Dawn Marie is a past president of the statewide Carolina Lettering Arts Society. She has participated in a number of venues in San Antonio and Raleigh, NC. 


"I was very interested initially in abstract calligraphy, combining ink and watercolor, but I’ve became especially intrigued with textural compositions in paper collage/mixed media, oils, and pastels, either representative or abstract. Most recently, I am exploring taking paintings of the masters and reassembling them as abstracts using oils and trying out works in soft pastels."


"For me, intuitive painting, waiting for those accidents to happen, is very satisfying, but I also enjoy using texture in a representative way. I love the papers, colors and textures in and of, and for, themselves. Working into a painting, and finding my way out of it, is both my struggle and my sense of joy."

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