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To create the narrative paintings found in MY STORY, GAGA artists delved through their past for inspiration, flinging open memory’s wardrobe doors to find the boxed and shelved story whispers long over, or half started or barely begun. Many artists chose to interpret the theme by bringing to the canvas their early childhood remembrances, then growing those to present day. Other artists were more secretive and private, presenting their story through intentionally abstracted work meant to hide as much as divulge. Overall, the majority of the paintings included in this exhibition are forthcoming, telling about and revealing growth, struggle, loss, pain, whimsy, delight and love.


My Story is an open book we invite you to read. Or, in our case, see.

Sylvia Benitez

President /Founder GAGA


To view the artists' work, scroll using the yellow slider arrow and click on any image to enlarge. To download the exhibition please click the Download PDF above. 

Contact any artist via her GAGA artist page found in the menu /Artists.

To view the entire MY STORY thumbnail page, click this burgundy square button.

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