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Time to work without interruption or distraction has long been the artist's prayer. No one ever expected that the prayer’s answer would come disguised as a destroying angel bringing our world, our society, our workplaces and families, to our knees. The fear, the grief, the concern, the powerlessness shut many creatives down. Many were unable to work and yet, many others were able to shake free of the angel’s paralyzing grip, refusing to succumb to the dread, loneliness and economic uncertainty. Many of us seized this time to be proactive, to be productive citizens gifting back the only truly meaningful treasure which is ours to give — our visual song.

This presentation consists of art created by GAGA artists during the Covid-19 pandemic and is our creative gift to you. I am very proud of our GAGA artists for the muscle, determination and tenacity they mustered. They simply soldiered on. I would especially like to thank Thelma Muraida for her dedication, time and talent she devoted to actualizing this effort as well as Dawn Marie Rae, Lyn Belisle and Pamela Ferguson for their contribution, bringing both the newsletter and online exhibition into being. Together we make a difference. Together we stand strong.

Sylvia Benitez

President /Founder GAGA

If you are interested in any of the work, please contact the artist through their GAGA Artist page.

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