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Carla Veliz

"At a very young age and even before she had a cat, my daughter became fascinated with cats, she drew and drew cats, in every and any little piece of paper, she wore cat ears all day, she will only take them off to go to sleep, finally on her birthday a school mate gave her a cat. It was my first encounter with such creature; she treated the cat with such love, just as a mother would. Then, I understood why she was fascinated with cats. Through the years she has had 4 cats, all so unique, their meows, purrs, body language, all so extremely different. The inspiration for this series came from her drawings, the colors represent the joy I saw in her as she played with the cats, as she loved on them, her world exploded with joy. I dedicate this series to my amazing creative and beautiful daughter Rebekah, who instilled in me the love and appreciation for cats."

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