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Pam Taylor

Pamela Taylor, M.S., a San Antonio native, is an abstract impressionist painter whose work is often intense and chaotic, symbolizing her personal pain and concern about society’s increasing tolerance of inequality, harassment, and intimidation, which has created an environment of incivility in schools, workplaces, and politics.  She is the Co-Founder of Dress for Success San Antonio and Founder of Career Gear San Antonio, workforce development non-profit organizations serving the disenfranchised; Taylor served as CEO for nearly 14 years. While there, she worked directly with inmates of Bexar County Jail for 2 years.  Taylor has been featured in the San Antonio Express News and local media on numerous occasions and is a survivor of domestic violence.  In 2011, Taylor spoke about her ordeal in a TED Talk at Trinity University. Click the red button to contact Pam Taylor.

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