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Curators' Statement


The work of eleven artists - members of Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association (GAGA) - is just a snapshot of the breadth and scope of GAGA's talented professional and emerging women artists. Their response to the natural world contributes to the predominate voice running throughout the GAGA@TRIBECA show.  From the abstract to the figurative, each artist expresses a unique visual story, sharing either an interior vision or an emotional response to our world. Processes range from eco-dyed papers to richly layered oils and acrylics.  Subjects span from the landscapes of magical and/or lonely places, heightened figurative interpretations, a still life of cantaloupes found in an everyday kitchen, to the classic nature morte. We're delighted at the opportunity to share these artists' visions with you, and

invite you dine on TRIBECA's delectable cuisine while feasting your eyes on the artwork.



Barbara Felix and Chelle Delaney

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