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I'm an 68-year-old artist, wife, mama, granny, and lover of God, life, all things breathing and beyond. I've been creating all my life, but in varied expressions.  My first love was dancing.  I'm a former dancer with the San Antonio Ballet Company, and taught ballet and later Latin Salsa dancing.  Love, love, love movement. You'll frequently see dance influences in my art. 

My hubby Bruce Jenkins and I met in a camera store, and he and I have a photography business titled "Scarbrough and Jenkins Photography". I depend on my photos for realistic portraits and even my surreal work.

For almost 40 years, I've been a master hairstylist and colorist, owning my own business, "Neka Scarbrough-Jenkins Creations".  I love working with women to create a look that will express their inner self.  A person's hair is one of the most obvious ways to express your thoughts and ideas.  I ask clients, "How do you want someone to describe your new look: edgy, classic, bohemian, unique, etc.  This will help me create a look for the client.

I also have a deep passion for genealogy and history, and I have been enmeshed with writing articles for "Our Heritage", a publication that comes out twice a year through our San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society. My first story is coming out next month, and includes a charcoal drawing I did of Theodore Roosevelt.

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