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Please consider helping to support us!  We are the only nonprofit in San Antonio that focuses exclusively on serving women artists. It's our reason for being, and we try really hard on very little to do that.


You have seen our website. You know where we have shown, and many of you have also experienced the amazing fetes, exhibitions and miracles we have been able to accomplish over these last ten years. You can also do the math.Seventy active members' fifty dollar yearly membership dues means an insanely small operating budget, and we are busier than we've ever been bringing really significant art, quality exhibitions and service to both our artists and community. 


Here's a behind the scenes financial look. This website alone took over 3 months / over 400 hours to produce. Even if we charged minimum wage, which we didn't, we'd already be well over our yearly budget. That's not accounting for design and photography fees. I hope you can see the hours, time and volunteer service. 


That is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the time and costs involved in organizing and mounting an exhibition— a cultural event— that more often than not wines and dines over five hundred people. 


We work our fingers to the bone because we believe in our artists, and what they are trying to do. They need and deserve someone to go to bat for them. We do that. We affirm their efforts through exhibition opportunity, exposure and solidarity. GAGA gives really talented women artists the encouragement necessary to continue pursuing their craft. 


And GAGA is completely nonprofit.


We take nothing from a sale when it happens during one of our events. We feel that small gesture is the least we can do. Our goal is to offer hope to the artist in a world that rarely to never supports intellectual or individual creative pursuit at the grass root level.


I think that is saying a lot. 

Please consider helping us. We really need and deserve it!


Thank you for your interest, consideration and patronage. Please consider us when you are making a charitable donation. You will be helping to lay the foundation for the future generation of San Antonio women artists— helping to create a home for them.

Remember culture is our defining human quality, It is what is remembered and treasured. It is our legacy. But culture is more than that! It is our children's inheritance—their future's foothold.

                                                    Sylvia Benitez


                                            The Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association




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